Fatal Divorce

What You Don't Know Could
Cost You Everything!

A look at the Family Court and Divorce Industry
through the eyes of families that have lost it all...

Fatal Divorce Mistakes is filled with divorce advice that shows you how to avoid the most common costly mistakes that you can make when going through a high conflict divorce and custody battle.

Thousands of families are destroyed in divorce court every day. Because they have no idea how to protect themselves from the fatal mistakes that can affect their future for years to come. Don’t allow yourself to become another helpless casualty of the divorce industry. This divorce advice for men and women will teach you how to protect yourself, your children and your assets before it’s too late!

This complete guide will educate you about every important aspect of the divorce process from start to finish. Learn proven strategies to properly prepare yourself for the family court system. Find out how the battle can ultimately be won or lost before you ever get there. Discover effective strategies to protect your children before, during and after the divorce process. Learn many insightful and effective ways to deal with the long term effects of divorce long after the court proceedings are completed.

Fatal Divorce Mistakes Book

Fatal Divorce Mistakes will be your single greatest resource as you navigate through the treacherous waters of a divorce:

  • Learn how to predict with almost 100% accuracy if you will be in a high conflict divorce  or custody battle and how to prepare for it.
  • Discover the chilling but effective tactic that your ex-spouse could use to separate you from your child forever
  • Find out the most common myths and divorce mistakes that can destroy your chances of an equitable settlement in court.
  • Divorce court realities your attorney will never tell you about that could ultimately decide the fate of your case
  • Find out how child custody is “really” decided
  • Find out how much power the judge in your case will have to make decisions for you and your family
  • Learn the best divorce advice to help you choose the right attorney for your case
  • Find out the most commonly used tactics that can destroy you in court and how to defend yourself from them
  • Discover the “hidden agenda” buried deep in the court system that can cost you everything
  • And Much Much More

This book covers these topics and so much more. Learn how to find, select and interview the best attorney for your case and why this is so crucial. Get proven divorce advice directly from the experiences of families just like yours, that have already made the mistakes that you never want to make.

Thanks! Started the book between going to work, college, family and church. Wow! Real eye opener. Let's just say I have made too many of these divorce mistakes. I defiantly made some poor choices. My lawyer was not qualified to handle this type of person either and could have started off in a better position. Be Blessed, Tom (CA)


“As someone who has lived through a high-conflict divorce,
I can say from personal experience that the information contained in this book is invaluable. It is an excellent tool to help equip you through a hard, confusing and often painful, journey. If you are someone who is going through a high-conflict divorce or custody battle, you can’t afford NOT to read this book."  Kevin (MI)


“This book is like going into battle with a map that shows you where all of the landmines are buried, so you don’t have to step on them and be destroyed. Thankful I had the book to avoid many of the divorce mistakes I would have otherwise made.” Al (FL)


"As a woman involved in a high conflict marriage and then divorce, my perspective was clouded and my confidence shattered. Fatal Divorce Mistakes gave me  the best divorce advice for women, the tools and confidence I needed to interview and then hire the best attorney for my case. I am forever grateful to you for this book." Barb (MI)


“I wish I’d of had this book back in 2002 when I went
my divorce. I had no idea what I was in for until it
was too late and I had already made most of these divorce mistakes.”  G. P. (CA)


“This should be required reading for every man before they step
one foot into divorce court. It was life changing! The divorce advice I received in this book was better than any  I ever received
from a father’s right group.
Thanks !” Mark (TX)


“this book is fascinating, brilliant, articulate, informative
and most of all Truth to its maximum” Nikki (OH)


If you had to choose only one resource to protect you and your family from harm as you go through a divorce, this is the one that can make all of the difference. Don’t let yourself, or anyone you care about go into court without this information. It is life changing...

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Fatal Divorce Mistakes CheckmarkProven divorce advice to protect yourself, your children and your assets before it’s too late!

Fatal Divorce Mistakes CheckmarkFind out how to avoid the most common fatal divorce mistakes that can cost you everything.

Fatal Divorce Mistakes CheckmarkFind out how much power the judge in your divorce or custody battle will have to make life changing decisions for you and your children.

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You can’t afford to walk into court unprotected and unprepared. Start developing a winning strategy for you and your family today.

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